Conference Program

Day 1: December 1st  

  N3 Sala R Sala E
9.00 - 9.20 OPENING (N3)
9.30-10.50 Bio 1 Reliab Rob 1
10.50-11.10 Coffee Break
11.10-12-30 Bio 2 Transp 1 Rob 2
12.30-14-30 Lunch
14.30-15.50 MB + Hist Transp 2 Trib 1
15.50-16.10 Coffee Break
16.10-18.30 Special Session (N2)
20.00 Conference Banquet


Day 2: December 2nd

  N3 Sala R Sala E
9.20-10.40 Bio 3 + Transp 3 Trib 2 + Rob 3 Vib1
10.40-11.00 Coffee Break
11.00-12-00 Bio 4 Link Vib 2
12.10-12.30 CLOSING (N3)
12.30-14-30 Lunch
14.30 IFToMM ITALY (N3)
15.30 Tour in Vicenza


------------- Sessions -------------


Bio 1 Biomechanical Engineering
Day 1 - N3 Chairman: Alessandro Gasparetto
9.30 Design and Implementation of a Low-Cost Mechatronic System for Biomechanical Analysis of the Human Locomotion
Paolo Boscariol, Alessandro Gasparetto, Nicola Giovanelli, Stefano Lazzer and Lorenzo Scalera
9.50 A study of feasibility of a portable limb exercise device
Giuseppe Carbone, Marco Ceccarelli and Candela Arostegui


DARTAGNAN a self - balanced rehabilitation Robot able to work in active and passive modes on both sides of upper and lower limbs
Guido Danieli, Paola Nudo, Michele Perrelli and Maurizio Iocco
10.30 Dynamic Analysis of Handcycling: Mathematical Modelling and Experimental Tests
Ghazaleh Azizpour, Abdelmajid Ousdad, Giovanni Legnani, Giovanni Incerti and Matteo Lancini


Bio 2 Biomechanical Engineering
Day 1 - N3 Chairman: Alessandro Gasparetto
11.10 A kinematic solution of a novel leg mechanism with parallel architecture
Matteo Russo and Marco Ceccarelli
11.30 Multi-target Planar Needle Steering with a Bio-Inspired Needle Design   
Christopher Burrows, Fangde Liu, Alexander Leibinger, Riccardo Secoli and Ferdinando Rodriguez Y Baena


Development of an Active Force Plate for Testing Lower-limb Prostheses
Cristiano Marinelli, Hermes Giberti and Ferruccio Resta
12.10 Determination of the Human Arm Stiffness Efficiency with a Two Antagonist Muscles Model
Daniele Borzelli, Stefano Pastorelli and Laura Gastaldi


Bio 3 Biomechanical Engineering
Day 2 - N3 Chairman: Guido Danieli
9.20 Conceptual design of a mechatronic biomedical wearable device for blood ultrafiltration
Giovanni Boschetti, Aldo Dalla Via, Nicola De Rossi, Francesco Garzotto,  Mauro Neri, Luca Pamato, Claudio Ronco and Alberto Trevisani
9.40 Design of a miniaturized safety clamping device for portable kidney replacement systems
Paolo Boscariol, Giovanni Boschetti, Roberto Caracciolo, Mauro Neri, Dario Richiedei, Claudio Ronco and Alberto Trevisani


Bio 4 Biomechanical Engineering
Day 2 - N3 Chairman: Guido Danieli
11.00 Design of an Underactuated Hand Exoskeleton with Joint Estimation
Mine Sarac, Massimiliano Solazzi, Daniele Leonardis, Edoardo Sotgiu, Massimo Bergamasco and Antonio Frisoli
11.20 Standard and natural motion protocols for the kinetic measurements of the squat
Nicola Sancisi, Marco Cocconcelli, Riccardo Rubini and Vincenzo Parenti Castelli


Design and Simulation of an Assisting Mechanism for Arm Exercises
Betsy D. M. Chaparro-Rico, Daniele Cafolla, Marco Ceccarelli and Eduardo Castillo-Castaneda


Hist History of Mechanism and Machine Science
Day 1 - N3 Chairman: Paolo Gallina
15.10 Role of Scientific-Technical Museums in the Future of Mechanical Science
Alberto Rovetta and Edoardo Rovida
15.30 An Analysis of the Hydraulic Saw of Hierapolis
Cesare Rossi, Sergio Savino and Francesco Timpone


MB Multi-Body Dynamics
Day 1 - N3 Chairman: Paolo Gallina
14.30 Multibody model of under-actuated tendon driven finger to study the antagonist tendon
Sergio Savino
14.50 A model reduction strategy for flexible-link multibody systems
Ilaria Palomba, Dario Richiedei and Alberto Trevisani


Link Linkages and Mechanical Controls
Day 2 - Sala R Chairman: Dario Richiedei
11.00 Riccati equation based nonlinear filter: a case study for hydraulic actuators in presence of dead-zone
Salvatore Strano and Mario Terzo
11.20 Trajectories generation with constant extrusion rate for experimentations on AM techniques and extrusion based technologies
Hermes Giberti, Luca Sbaglia and Marco Parabiaghi


On the Design of Pneumatic Actuators: A Structural Optimization with a FEM-based Approach
Giovanna Adele Naselli, Matteo Zoppi and Rezia Molfino


Reliab Reliability
Day 1 - Sala R Chairman: Paolo Boscariol
9.30 Topology Optimization and Analysis of Static Transmission Error in Lightweight
Jakub Korta, Domenico Mundo, Giuseppina Ambrogio, Barbara Folino, Shadi Shweiki and Luigino Filice
9.50 A strategy for moving cable driven robots safely in case of cable failure 
Giovanni Boschetti, Chiara Passarini and Alberto Trevisani


Approaches to the Detectability of Faults in Railway Pantograph Mechanism
Giancarlo Santamato, Massimiliano Gabardi, Massimiliano Solazzi and Antonio Frisoli
10.30 Behaviour of tilting-pad journal bearings in case of large manufacturing errors
Steven Chatterton, Phuoc Vinh Dang, Paolo Pennacchi and Andrea Vania


Rob 1 Robotics and Mechatronics
Day 1 - Sala E Chairman: Giulio Reina
9.30 A new automated 2 DOFs 3D desktop optical scanner
Maria Cristina Valigi, Silvia Logozzo and Gabriele Canella
9.50 Adam's Hand: an underactuated robotic end-effector
Giovanni A. Zappatore, Giulio Reina and Arcangelo Messina


Functional design of a robotic gripper for adaptive robotic assembly
Fabio Oscari, Simone Minto and Giulio Rosati
10.30 Optimized trajectory planning of pick and place operations to be performed by cable-driven parallel robots
Luca Barbazza, Fabio Oscari, Simone Minto and Giulio Rosati


Rob 2 Robotics and Mechatronics
Day 1 - Sala E Chairman: Giulio Reina
11.10 Optimal design of a reconfigurable end-effector for cable-suspended parallel robots
Luca Barbazza, Damiano Zanotto, Giulio Rosati and Sunil K. Agrawal
11.30 Kinematic Optimization of a 2DoF PRRRP Manipulator
Simone Cinquemani, Hermes Giberti and Giovanni Legnani


Automatic Plant for Fibers Extraction from Broom
Pasquale Francesco Greco, Gianluca La Greca, Gabriele Larocca, Sebastiano Meduri, Basilio Sinopoli, Domenico Battaglia, Attilio Caseti, Armando Alose, Giuseppe Chidichimo and Guido Danieli


Rob 3 Robotics and Mechatronics
Day 2 - Sala R Chairman: Enrico Ciulli
10.00 An innovative method for sizing actuating systems of manipulators with generic tasks
Hermes Giberti, Enrico Fiore and Giacomo Bonomi
10.20 Experimentally based design of a manually operated baler for straw bale construction
Walter Franco, Giuseppe Quaglia and Carlo Ferraresi


Transp 1 Transportation Machinery
Day 1 - Sala R Chairman: Francesco Biral
11.10 Fast Calibration Procedure of the dynamic model of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle from a reduced set of experimental data
Benedetto Allotta, Riccardo Costanzi, Luca Pugi, Alessandro Ridolfi and Andrea Rindi
11.30 Braking energy recovery in high speed trains: an innovative model
Amedeo Frilli, Enrico Meli, Daniele Nocciolini, Simone Panconi, Luca Pugi and Andrea Rindi


Dynamic model and instability evaluation of an articulated mobile agri-robot
Giovanni Carabin, Alessandro Gasparetto, Fabrizio Mazzetto and Renato Vidoni
12.10 NVH analysis of automotive components: a carbon fiber suspension system case
Alessandro Fasana, Massimiliana Carello, Alessandro Ferraris and Davide Berti Polato


Transp 2 Transportation Machinery
Day 1 - Sala R Chairman: Francesco Biral
14.30 Dynamics of a Tethered Rover on Rough Terrain
Stefano Seriani, Paolo Gallina and Armin Wedler
14.50 Wind propulsion for robot surface mobility
Giulio Reina, Mario Foglia and Giovanni Boschetti


Anti-dive front suspension for agricultural tractors: dynamic model and validation
Francesco Biral, Riccardo Pelanda and Alberto Cis


Transp 3 Transportation Machinery
Day 2 - N3 Chairman: Guido Danieli
10.00 Dynamic model of an independent carts system
Jacopo Cavalaglio Camargo Molano, Stefano Rossi, Marco Cocconcelli and Riccardo Rubini
10.20 Tyre-road adherence conditions estimation for intelligent vehicle safety applications
Mojtaba Sharifzadeh, Ahmad Akbari, Arash Farnam, Adolfo Senatore and Francesco Timpone


Trib 1 Tribology
Day 1 - Sala E Chairman: Andrea Rindi
14.30 Tilting Pad Journal Bearing TEHD Analysis: An Innovative Model
Amedeo Frilli, Enrico Meli, Daniele Nocciolini, Simone Panconi, Luca Pugi, Andrea Rindi and Stefano Rossin
14.50 Thermo-hydrodynamic analysis of a tilting pad journal bearing with a general purpose CFD software
Marco Del Chiaro, Paola Forte, Francesco Torrigiani and Enrico Ciulli
15.10 Multiple holes rectangular gas thrust bearing: dynamic stiffness calculation with lumped parameters approach
Federico Colombo, Mona Moradi, Terenziano Raparelli, Andrea Trivella and Vladimir Viktorov
15.30 Theoretical and experimental study of a rectangular grooved-pocketed air pad
Colombo Federico, Danial Ghodsiyeh, Terenziano Raparelli, Andrea Trivella and Vladimir Viktorov


Trib 2 Tribology
Day 2 - R Chairman: Enrico Ciulli
9.20 Experimental Identification of an Aerostatic Thrust Bearing
Federico Colombo, Luigi Lentini, Terenziano Raparelli and Vladimir Viktorov
9.40 Experimental analysis of the influence of the electrical arc on the wear rate of contact strip and contact wire in a.c. system
Giuseppe Bucca, Andrea Collina and Ezio Tanzi


Vib 1 Vibrations
Day 2 - Sala E Chairman: Domenico Mundo
9.20 Low-cost Experimental Assessment of Forces in the Contact Bridge-Soundboard of Stringed Musical Instruments
Enrico Ravina
9.40 Vibration Modes of Piezoelectric Bimorphs: a Sensitivity Analysis
Alberto Borboni, Cinzia Amici, Valter Cappellini and Rodolfo Faglia
10.00 Concurrent Active Control and Dynamic Structural Modification in the Design and the Optimization of Vibrating Systems
Dario Richiedei, Roberto Belotti and Roberto Caracciolo
10.20 A vibration isolator based on magneto-rheological elastomer
Renato Brancati, Giandomenico Di Massa and Stefano Pagano


Vib 2 Vibrations
Day 2 - Sala E Chairman: Domenico Mundo
11.00 A Numerical-Analytical Model for the Study of the Elasto Kinematic Behavior of a Macpherson Suspension
Francesco Timpone
11.20 A smart system for shock and vibration isolation of sensitive electronic devices on-board a vehicle
Stefano Pagano, Salvatore Strano, Giandomenico Di Massa, Marco De Michele, Giovanni Pisani, Giuseppe Frisella and Sergio Lippolis
11.40 Wavelet analysis of Gear rattle induced by a multi-harmonic excitation
Renato Brancati, Ernesto Rocca, Sergio Savino and Francesco Timpone


Special Special Session in honor of prof. Aldo Rossi for his 70th birthday
Day 1 - N2 Chairman: Carlo Ugo Galletti
16.30 Analytical and Multibody Modelling of a Quick-Release Hook Mechanism
Luca Bruzzone, Davide Bonatti, Giovanni Berselli and Pietro Fanghella
16.50 Evolution of a Dynamic Model for Flexible Multibody Systems
Paolo Boscariol, Paolo Gallina, Alessandro Gasparetto, Marco Giovagnoni, Lorenzo Scalera and Renato Vidoni
17.10 Anti-Hedonistic Mechatronic Systems
Lorenzo Scalera, Paolo Gallina, Alessandro Gasparetto and Marco Giovagnoni
17.30 On the use of cable-driven robots in early inpatient stroke rehabilitation
Giulio Rosati, Stefano Masiero and Aldo Rossi


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