About the Conference

The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) has established a series of Commission B1 (Thermodynamics and Transfer Processes) Conferences, held every 4 years, to discuss thermophysical properties and transfer processes of refrigerants. The objectives of the IIR’s Commission B1 are to provide academic and industrial information/data and to propose solutions to current issues related to thermodynamics and transfer processes. Commission B1 has been extremely active in the areas of working groups (WG), IIR conferences, IIR-co-sponsored conferences and commission business meetings. This conference follows the 2001 Conference in Paderborn, Germany, the 2005 Conference in Vicenza, Italy, the 2009 Conference in Boulder, USA, the 2013 Conference in Delft, the Netherlands, and the 2017 Conference in Seoul (South Korea). The first version of the European Regulation F-GAS fixed in January 1st 2011 the formal start of the phaseout of refrigerants having GWP>150 in automotive air conditioning. This date can be considered a milestone for most of the intense research and technological activity carried out in the recent years for the development and use of low GWP refrigerants. After 10 years, the TPTPR2021 will be a standout opportunity for analyzing the state of the art about the thermophysical properties and transfer processes of low GWP refrigerants: the aim will be to outline future perspectives in order to achieve the lowest possible impact of refrigeration on global environment.


Conference Topics

Papers are welcome on topics related to the aspects of thermophysical properties and transfer processes of refrigerants, including but not limited to:

  • Measurements and modeling of thermophysical and transport properties
  • Low GWP refrigerants for vapor compression cycles
  • Boiling and condensation in tubular, mini-channel and plate geometries
  • Enhanced heat and / or mass transfer
  • Lubricants / refrigerants issues
  • Refrigerant charge reduction technologies
  • Absorption / adsorption processes
  • New fluids for sorption systems
  • Secondary refrigerants including phase change slurries
  • Transfer processes in heat storage systems
  • (Two-phase) flow/distribution issues

Contact: tptpr2021@gest.unipd.it


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