About the Conference

Conference Topics

Papers are welcome on topics related to the aspects of thermophysical properties and transfer processes of refrigerants, including but not limited to:

  • Thermophysical and rheological properties of Phase-Change Materials (PCMs) and Slurries
  • Materials Science and innovation of PCMs and Slurries
  • Novel and optimised PCMs and Slurries for refrigeration and air conditioning applications
  • Transport phenomena and time-dependent behaviour of PCMs and Slurries
  • Numerical and experimental methods dedicated to PCMs and Slurries
  • Innovative and improved equipment and logistics for generation, handling, distribution and employment of PCMs and Slurries
  • Renewable heating and cooling by using PCMs and Slurries
  • Thermal energy storage and energy savings via PCMs and Slurries
  • Industrial (food, transport...) and building applications of PCMs and Slurries
  • Sustainability impact of refrigeration and air conditioning technologies involving PCMs and Slurries

Contact: PCM2021@gest.unipd.it

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