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Storing Energy can make the Difference


This interesting IIR series begun as a little workshop on ice slurry with 16 presented papers in Yverdon (CH) in 1999 while PCMs were introduced only six editions later, starting what has become an outstanding conference series focused on any kind of phase change materials and slurries.

EU has invested in a new low carbon energy system €2.3 billion in FP7 and €6 billion in H2020. The mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, increase the share of renewable energy to 20%, and make a 20% improvement in energy efficiency by 2020. European regulation on energy efficiency and the associated EU targets of energy savings and green-house gases (GHG) emission reduction for 2020 and 2030 are even more pushing the scientific and industrial communities towards the development of new technological paradigms.

Phase change materials and slurries are becoming key components in the energy structure of the future as envisioned by European Commission. Changing from a carbon-based energy society to one relying on renewable energy from the sun, wind, geothermal and biomass will necessitate to match the energy demand with the source availability. A viable option to achieve this result is energy storage. Thermal energy storage is one of the most efficient ways to store energy and phase change materials can make thermal energy storage compact and competitive.

Refrigeration and air conditioning can be considered as one of the most energy consuming technologies, which impact on our daily life. The possibility to store energy in latent cold or hot thermal energy storage is also becoming more and more investigated and applied by both the scientific and industrial communities. This is confirmed by the relevant increase of publications on the application of PCM and slurries in refrigeration and air conditioning, which are constantly growing reaching around 1000 in 2017.

PCM2021 will follow PCM2018 held in Orford (Canada) and it will be the opportunity to present the most advanced technologies in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration system; a three day opportunity for academics, researchers, industry and stakeholders for meeting, exchanging experiences about recent developments, remaining issues and future scenarios.


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