DERMAP-EL is an online training course about materials selection with particular reference to eco-design and issues related to critical raw materials (CRMs). Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) are those raw materials that are economically and strategically important for the European economy but have a high-risk associated with their supply. Used in environmental technologies, consumer electronics, health, steel-making, defence, space exploration, and aviation, these materials are not only ‘critical’ for key industry sectors and future applications, but also for the sustainable functioning of the European economy. In this scenario, skills and knowledge on ‘mitigating actions’ need to be acquired to reduce the issues linked to the use of critical raw materials (CRMs). Recycling and substitution (when possible) are strategic solutions but a more efficient use of such CRMs in design, obtained through correct alloy selection, is nowadays becoming mandatory. In this course, a method for metallic alloys selection from a CRMs perspective will be taught. The proposed method involves selecting the alloy for the current application that minimizes both the environmental impact and its criticality associated to CRMs. The method will be illustrated with examples.


Published on  February 21st, 2020       |       Privacy