What is DERMAP-EL?

DERMAP-EL is an online training course about materials selection from a Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) perspective. The course is aimed at designers, mechanical engineers and professionals who want to deepen their knowledge of materials selection strategies with particular reference to CRM-related issues. It offers theoretical and practical lectures with extensive use of case-studies, giving participants a better understanding of the mitigating strategies used to counter CRM-related problems. (read more)

Course Goals

Participants will be able to detect materials at supply risk and take early mitigating actions to ensure business continuity and reduce long-term production costs. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will have gained the following:

  • Knowledge and understanding of CRM issues and possible mitigating strategies.
  • Skills in considering possible criticalities when selecting materials.
  • Judgment and a syistematic approach to finding solutions to CRM-s related problems.


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Who we are

The course is one of the results of the European project ‘DEsign of components in a critical RAw materials Perspective, DERMAP’ and is supported by EIT RawMaterials, a knowledge and innovation community initiated and funded by the EIT, a body of the European Union.
The project partners are:

COURSE Modules

The course is divided in 10 modules. Each module consists of a video lesson of about 20 minuntes, and a downloadable PDF file with supporting information.

Topics covered by the modules are:

  1. Introduction to CRMs
  2. Materials selection in engineering and design
  3. Materials for sustainability and eco-design
  4. Materials properties diagrams
  5. The materials selection procedure
  6. Multiple constraints and objectives
  7. Materials selection and shape
  8. Materials selection for eco-design from a CRMs perspective
  9. Computer-aided selection
  10. Case-studies

After the completion of each module:
Verification test for course accreditation
Certificate of participation delivery

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The course will be online in the next year during 2020.

However,  it strongly depends on the feedback we are going tothat we receive from professionals in the field.
Therefore, if you think that the course would be interesting for you, please complete the short Expression of Interest form here.

You can contact the DERMAP-EL team at:


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Design of components in e critical Raw Materials Perspective - EU


Design of components in e critical Raw Materials Perspective - EU

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