Welcome Message

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is our pleasure to welcome all delegates, representatives and participants from all around the world to the 2022 17th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Motion Control that brings together researchers in the field of advanced motion control or in the educational field to discuss current developments and future perspectives on motion control technology. We sincerely hope that this event will satisfy your highest expectation for an intellectually stimulating and culturally enjoyable experience.

The sponsor of AMC2022 is the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES). In IES, the International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control (AMC) is one of the greatest activities. AMC always has many young participates for discussion of advanced motion control technology.

The first AMC was held at Yokohama-city, Japan in 1990, whose General Chair was Prof. Kouhei Ohnishi in Keio University. After 32 years from the first AMC, our wish is to have in Padova many chances to engage in enthusiastic discussions on motion-control-related issues and open research problems.

Padova has been chosen to host AMC2022 not only because it is the seat of one of the oldest western Universities (celebrating its 800th anniversary in 2022), but also as the center of one of the most industrialised areas in Europe, with many companies and research centres in the field of Mechatronics, Robotics and Motion Control. Padova is easily reached via international airports in Venice and Verona.

Each paper submitted to the conference will go through a rigorous peer review planned by the respective program, special session chairs and organizers. We would like to thank the related chairs and the session organizers for their management of the presentations. We also appreciate all contributions and cooperation by the committee members, sponsoring societies and organizations towards the success of the conference.

We do hope that the conference will highly be successful and fruitful to all participants and that you will fully enjoy the workshop in both its technical and social aspects at AMC2022 in Padova.


Prof. Roberto Oboe                   and                         Prof. Kouhei Ohnishi

AMC 2022 - Padova - General Co-Chairs

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