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Pre-conference items


All authors of accepted papers who regularly registered to AMC 2022 will receive an email from QiqoChat, containing detailed instructions on how to prepare and upload their material. All sessions will be live, with authors presenting their results by sharing their presentation from their computer, via zoom. Each paper has been assigned a 20-minutes slot, 15 for presentation and 5 for Q&A. Prerecording of the presentation is required in order to handle possible network hiccups. Below, some preliminary instructions that you can use while waiting for the QiqoChat message (it should be sent out by January 15th).


Please carefully follow these instructions, when preparing the material for the conference:

1. Presenting authors are kindly invited to submit a 15-minute maximum pre-recorded video, the paper's presentation file (.pdf or .pptx), paper abstract, bio, profile photo, and the email addresses of co-authors.
(Important note: presentation will be given live at the corresponding slot. However, in case of last-minute technical problems, the pre-recorded video will be used as a backup.)

Authors will receive a personalized link (not to be shared) that allows for signinin in, without entering a password. This will be the conference badge, which allows signing in at any time without entering a password.

2. The presenting author will use the dark red button to "Upload Your Presentation."
The name of the video should be XXXXXX.mp4, where XXXXXX is the code of the paper without the initial letters and numbers. E.g. if the paper code is AMC22-999999, the video should be named 999999.mp4. The presentation should be either 999999.pdf or 999999.pptx

For those who have more than one paper, once finishing uploading the video and the first paper, they just click on "+ Add paper, video, & files" and they will be able to upload the video for the additional papers.

3. Deadline to submit all materials is Monday, 7 February, with no exceptions.

4. Author should be prepared for a 15-minute maximum live presentation, followed by a 5-minute maximum Q&A, on the day of the conference.

5. All authors will be asked to attend the 30-minute tech check on Friday, 11 February at 3pm CET. To join the meeting, authors will use the same personalized link used to enter the event.

Download Zoom (the tool we will use for audio & video), if you have not done so already.
Please arrive a few minutes early in case your computer has a hard time connecting to Zoom.

For any technical questions, please contact

We look forward to seeing you!

AMC 2022 Organizing Team

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